This week we will be celebrating all things packaging free at the Co-op. We will have a week full of special offers, competitions, and even a bite-size tutorial right here in Newmarket.

Zero waste has always been an ethos here at the Co-op, when we first started out as a buying club our members would dispense their grains/pulses and rice from huge 25kg bags in our first premises. At that time in 1983, there was nowhere in Ireland that you could get short grain brown rice, let alone dates, figs or lentils!

In September 2017, we embraced our roots and started to use zero waste dispensers – these dispensers enable our members and visitors to purchase many of our existing products without packaging.

The initiative has been a great success, there is clearly a huge demand for zero waste products in Ireland and with our move to our new premises in Kilmainham, we are planning to meet that demand with our ever growing zero waste section.

We are increasing our range of ‘zero waste’ products by 180% in our new shop and phasing out all packaged versions of these products (with the exception of a small supply of certain packaged products for people with allergies and certain dietary conditions like celiac disease).

We are celebrating the growth of our zero waste section by having a zero waste week in our premises in Newmarket. We are still in Newmarket until the mid-November and we are encouraging all of our members and visitors to make it down to Newmarket this week and embrace out zero waste week. Our Co-op has really grown into something special during our time in Newmarket and we’d like to do something special to celebrate that in our last few weeks here. zero waste week is the perfect way to celebrate our time in Newmarket while embracing the next phase of our Co-op journey. Details Below!

Zero Waste Week Offerings

  • We are offering 10% off your Zero Waste shop when you bring your own containers to the shop.
  • We are offering 10% off Zero Waste goods and products for any new members that want to join the Co-op this week.
  • Donate over €25 to our #HelpUsGrow Campaign and receive a Zero Waste surprise!


Photo Competition

We are offering prizes for the Most Innovative Zero Waste Solution. Please take some photos of any of your zero waste solutions and send them over to us on social media or by email if you are not on social media!

Prizes include zero waste goody bags from our shop. The results of the competition will be drawn this Sunday, October 28.

Bite size tutorial – Rewilding the Bee’s

On Thursday the 25th @ 8pm we will be hosting the first in our series of ‘Bite-Size Tutorials’ at our premises in Newmarket.