Sam Toland is a member of the Co-ordinating Body (our board of directors) and serves as our current Co-op Secretary.

The secret to a vibrant Co-op is engaged members! And the best way to have engaged members is to give them the knowledge and tools to get involved in their co-operative.

We have a strong history of providing a new members’ orientation known as our “Fáilte Sessions”, with many members having contributed to running it over the years.

It is one of my priorities as Secretary get these Fáilte Sessions back up and running in our new home. And better yet, to work on developing an ongoing program of member development – workshops, events and trainings – throughout the year.

Some members have been working on putting together new Fáilte content, and we are going to run a workshop to develop the content further.

If you have previously been involved in running Fáilte Sessions or are a regular part of our Welcome Desk team, and you are interested in developing this with us, we’d love you to be a part of it.

When and Where?

We will be holding this workshop on Saturday 9th February at 10.30 to 13.00 in the Blue Room of the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Kilmainham, who have generously agreed to host us.

Unfortunately number are limited to about 15-20 people, so if you are interested in joining us please email, briefly outlining your interest and I will confirm your attendance.

For those new members awaiting an orientation, we are hoping to schedule the first Failte Sessions in Kilmainham starting in March 2019 – so keep an eye in the next newsletters.

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