Aoife Hammond is the General Manager of the Dublin Food Co-op.

Tús Community Employment Scheme

The DFC has been a participant in the Tús community employment scheme for almost a year now. We currently have 3 Tús scheme workers and the scheme has been working well for the Co-op and for the members that are employed as part of the scheme. The Tús initiative is a community work placement scheme providing short-term working opportunities for unemployed people. 

We currently have 2 positions available one is from early July and the other will be from October. All positions are for 19.5 hours a week. You can find the role description below.

The contract is for 12 months.If you have been unemployed and in receipt of social welfare payments for 12 months and are interested in this position please contact

Working at the Co-op is challenging, requiring flexibility and good communication skills, but it is a profoundly human and respectful environment. I feel privileged to work in an environment that makes me feel so human! I also love working with colleagues as passionate about the ethos of the Co-op as I am, and work together to give a great service to our fellow members.

Laurent Roger, long-time volunteer and recent part-time staff member

Volunteering at the Co-op

We have had a huge number of new volunteers join the Shop Team since our move to Kilmainham, and they’ve made a huge difference the quality of service we can provide to members.

If the Tús opportunity isn’t for you but you wanted to get involved, joining as a volunteer is a great way to get more involved in our community, learn about our ethos and get discounts on your shopping at the Co-op.

If you are interested in joining the team as a volunteer – on a monthly or weekly basis – please contact and we will schedule you in for the next available training session.