Inviting all musicians to the Dublin Food Coop Session

All musicians are invited to the Dublin Food Coop Session.

At these informal monthly sessions, we play mainly traditional Irish music, interspersed with songs of various traditions.

If you play an instrument or sing, come and join us.

The sessions are on Saturday morning starting at 11.30a.m.

The next session will be Saturday 20th September.

Contact: Jean Somers 0872309484

Future of the Visitor Card

There has been much debate around the Visitor Card over the past number of months/years.  The CB has therefore undertaken a thorough investigation into the Visitor Card, why it is in place, what are our options relating to the Visitor Card, and what are the implications of those options.

Tales from a Greek Kitchen

Take a culinary visit to the Greek islands.

Join Katerina Psimopoulos, a Saturday regular at the Dublin Food Coop, for a two-hour course on vegetarian Greek cooking.

Katerina will:

• Teach you how to prepare a traditional summer meal from the Greek islands to take home at the end of the class

• Give an introduction of the history of food and gastronomy in Greece


• Provide the participants with authentic vegetarian summer recipes

Products Group Result

Report on the Products Group Survey

Many members responsed to the survey and we would like to thank all of those who did. The main request was for more chilled and frozen products. We have now upgraded our fridge and chilled food lines as a direct result of this survey. So your feedback is vital in helping us meet the needs of our members. A number of other product lines were also suggested and we are currently working through these together with the staff.


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