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We are hiring!
The Dublin Food Co-op is looking for a part-time Till operator/Floor staff. Application date closing this Friday, April 21st!
See here for details and how to apply.











CB/members meeting of January the 14th: Thank you to all who attended. As agreed, here is a summary of the situation:

-we managed to extend our lease for one year but the rent has doubled from last year 

-the current building is due for redevelopment in the coming year 2018

conclusion: DFC will have to move by end 2017 or early 2018.

We are seeking feedback from members with regard to core services provided by the Co-op to help us shape our plans for future premises. Knowing which services are most important to you will help us decide what kind of premises we need to ensure these services are being delivered.

You can e-mail the CB directly with your proposals for premises (size, location, parking, outdoor space...) and activities.

We are also offering a survey both online (click here) and in hard copy available at the Co-op.

From there, after analysing the survey and proposals, the CB will organise a talking co-op in mid-late February with categories of proposals for discussion.

We would love to have more people involved, if you'd like to volunteer, please contact us at

Thank you for your participation,

The Co-op office -



Do you have Communications and PR experience? If so, we need your help. The Communications Group is currently developing a communications strategy for the Coop and we could use someone with industry experience to lead us through the process. If you have the following skills and experience and would like to help us on this project, please contact us.
- A degree in communications, PR, Marketing, or Journalism
- Experience in the communications field (preferably non-profit)
- Experience developing communication/PR strategies and marketing plans
- Knowledge and experience with all communication channels (print, radio, social media, etc.)
- Media contacts


Amatsu and Channeled Healing

Amatsu is back at the Co-op thanks to Svetlana who will now offer booking or dro-on sessions on Saturdays.

For more info: 



As some of you will have already noticed, we are phasing out Ecover products from our shelves. This is due to their use of genetically-modified organisms in their production processes. The policy of the co-operative on GMOs is very clear. For further information please click on the following link.

We are very disappointed and saddened that things have come to this as Ecover have been a leading light in environmental products for so many years. We look forward to the day when we can be satisfied that they once again meet our standards.

We are however pleased to welcome a new supplier, Sonett. They produce cleaning products to the highest ethical standards and are organic as well. We are also able to deal directly with them rather than through wholesalers. We hope that you will enjoy their products and we look forward to a long and mutually-beneficial relationship. For further information please visit their website.

We are also making some minor changes to the layout of the core area as our range of goods changes. If you can't find something in its usual place, feel free to ask a member of staff.

These changes are part of our efforts to ensure that the co-operative delivers a great shopping experience to you, the members.

“The only thing that is constant is change...”- Heraclitus
Norman Rides
General Manager
Dublin Food Co-op

Musical Sessions

One Saturday a month from 11:30am in the Café area. All musicians welcome. Contact or just check our events calendar and pop in!


You can follow updates about the Co-op on our Facebook page and Twitter feed

The minutes of previous general and CB meetings are now available online as PDF files.


Coeliac Society’s 2014 Food List

The Coeliac Society’s 2014 Food List is hot off the presses. Known to coeliacs as the ‘bible’ - certainly when it comes to food - this 300 page book has everything from baby food to alcohol, that is gluten-free. Coeliacs must stick to a gluten-free diet for life, with no other medication to keep them healthy and avoid complications by contamination with gluten. The Food List contains only products that are guaranteed gluten-free and is an essential guide to keeping abreast of changes to labelling legislation and new products on the market. The Society is celebrating the launch of their 2014 edition with some competitions featuring in the RTÉ Guide, the Star Saturday magazine and some other media. See for more information on coping with coeliac living.


RTÉ Prime Time GMO debate

Dublin Food Co-op was featured in a debate about genetically-modified food on the RTÉ programme Prime Time. Watch part 1 and part 2


Olive Oil Picking in Italy with Lino

A number of volunteers from Dublin Food Coop and their friends visited Lino in Italy to help with the harvest. Read more about it here.


Corn Syrup Phased Withdrawal

The products group have decided to phase out products containing corn syrup from the Dublin Food Co-op. More Details.