Charlot Kristensen is a Dublin based illustrator, designer and book author.


As a Black artist she often depicts underrepresented characters in empowering ways to help change their narratives. Charlot recently had her first big graphic novel “What We Don’t Talk About” published by Avery Hill. 

Some of Charlot’s most renowned clients include HuffPost, Google, Penguin Random House and The New York Times. You can see more of her portfolio and her shop on her website or through her social media. 

“What We Don’t Talk About” can be bought from Avery Hill or at Big Bang Comics in Dundrum. 

Giulia Canevari is an artist, illustrator and gardener.

Having moved to Dublin several years ago she has more recently relocated to the West of Ireland. Now based in Co. Clare she paints, teaches workshops, and grows flowers for wild bouquets.

You may well have seen her work in The Thursday Café or the cards she supplies the Co-op with, which are beautiful prints of her botanical illustrations. We asked her to tell us a bit more about herself and her way of living and working. 

Photo courtesy of Myriam Riand

I graduated in illustration and multimedia animation at IED Milano in 2009 and worked
as a graphic designer for few years in Milan.

The past 7  years I focused on botanical art as a way of discovering discipline and connecting
to nature. The connection was so deep that I fall in love with growing my own plants and I
became an organic grower and kept painting. 

I work in straight contact with the land, getting my hands in the ground using biodynamic
preparations to feed the Earth. During lockdown I started growing biodynamic flowers on
my land in Co. Clare, creating surprise colourful bunches for local business in Lahinch
and Ennistymon.

Every plant I draw is the expression of what the Soil provides for us as human beings.

A beautiful gift from Mother Earth we meet every day, even in cities: amazing colours and
different shades which come from this beautiful dark matter.



If we connect with this energy and we work with Nature we build this connection,
receiving gratitude in the vegetables and flowers that nourish and give us pleasure.

I develop a close connection with plants while I paint them, appreciating their
movements and importance to us.

The Soil is the most important ingredient of life on Earth and we must respect it,
knowing that it is not necessarily immutable, which may not be immediately apparent.

We can respect, co-create and understand the circles of life which the Soil requires to
regenerate and become fertile.

The beauty of our flowers and plants cannot be taken for granted. There is danger
whenever we neglect these patterns of creation, which form the fertile Earth around us.