We have been taking new measures each week since
the oubreak
of COVID-19 / Coronavirus. These guidelines
were developed in line 
with HSE and government advice.


Please note we have now revised our 
limit of customers in the shop from 4 DOWN TO 3.

In response to high demand the Co-op has increased the quantities of stock we order every week. This means the shop itself has more stock on the premises every day being unpacked. Naturally, this means there is less space inside our doors. As a result we have revised our maximum number of customers at one time to 3. This is based on feedback from both staff and customers and is to keep the shop a safe environment for everyone. If there are already 3 customers in the shop we ask you to wait in the queue outside.

Please show respect for our staff and your fellow
customers by adhering to this limit AT ALL TIMES.



Our schedule 


8AM             Shop opens to all customers 

7PM           Shop closes 


9AM           Shop opens to all customers 

6PM         Shop closes


We now require that all shoppers use the following
guidelines to help keep our staff and customers safe.


Please STAY HOME if you are feeling unwell (see more information at the end of this list).

Please SANITISE YOUR HANDS before entering the shop.

We will have ONLY 3 CUSTOMERS IN THE SHOP AT ALL TIMES.  If the shop is busy please wait for
a member of staff to let you know when you can enter.

Please ensure that you are keeping 2 METRES DISTANCE from each other when in the aisles and at the tills.

We understand if you cannot do so.

Shoppers MUST NOT CONGREGATE and chat in the shop.

Use our FLOOR MARKERS to distance yourself at the tills.

ONE SHOPPER per family/group at a time.



If you are feeling unwell, self-isolating or vulnerable email info@dublinfood.coop
with your shopping list, name, phone number and address to receive a delivery.



Ways to Help the Co-op

Keeping your shopping quick and efficient in the current situation has a number of benefits.
It reduces contact time between each other, allows us to socially distance comfortably, and finally
it keeps the queue moving quickly. To cut down on the time it takes to shop with us please consider
taking the following steps;


  • Make a shopping list before you arrive
  • If possible plan for one weeks shopping at a time
  • If using your own zero waste containers make sure they are freshly washed beforehand
  • Weigh your containers at home, writing the weight on them
  • Consult our shop map to help plan your trip once you are inside
  • Please shop on weekdays if at all possible to help avoid creating long weekend queues


We are now also offering the option of pre-ordering and collecting their shopping for people
who are not vulnerable or self-isolating but feel the need to minimise their time in the shop.

See this page for the full information on how to use our Email & Collect service. 

Please note that SPECIAL ORDERS have returned for all members.

If you are a current member you can place your order in the shop or email it to amy@dublinfood.coop.


Use this map to help you find items and plan your shop before you come in to the Co-op.



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