Patrick Doyle has been a member of our Co-op for a number of years, and volunteers regularly at the Co-op.

Following a series of recent events and meetings organised by the Dublin Food Co-operative (I’m thinking in particular about the film screening held at Inchicore Sports and Social Club) I thought was worth trying to build upon and channel some of the enthusiasm and ideas that were fizzing in our chats and discussions.

One way would be to hold a DFC reading group (a.k.a a book club) where members might meet in an informal setting to read and discuss some of the latest, as well as classic, writing on ideas that are close to many of our hearts – co-operation, sustainable living, economic democracy, and of course, food.

If there is interest among members, I would propose meeting maybe once a month in a café or some other salubrious public location and hopefully have a robust and mutually respectful discussion of some of the big ideas, practices and methods in which we might begin to mainstream co-operative principles.

I’m envisaging that the readings would be non-fiction ones, but would include essays, articles, and sometimes books so that we have time to fit the reading into our otherwise hectic schedules.

If people are interested in taking part in such an event I am currently putting together a list of potential pieces and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future readings. Currently these include:

  •  Elinor Ostrom, Governing the Commons (1990)
  •  E.F. Schumacher, ‘Buddhist Economics’ (1966)
  • Jon Steinman, ‘Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants’ (2019)
  • Raj Patel and Jim Goodman, ‘A Green New Deal for Agriculture’ in Jacobin (2019)
  •  Mathew Lawrence, Andrew Pendleton and Sara Mahmoud, Co-operatives Unleashed, published by New Economics Foundation (2018)
  • A Green New Deal [Original report, 2008]
  • Ann Pettifor, The Production of Money (2017)
  • Mathew Lawrence, ‘Owning the Future: Toward the Democratic Economy’, (2019)

However I am open to other suggestions and please let them range far and wide! I am hoping that we might be in a position to have a first meeting in early June.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with such a group then please get in touch at with the subject ‘Book Club’, and I’ll make sure you are included.

Looking forward to our first gathering!