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March Coronavirus Update No.3

During this time of uncertainty and change

we will be sending our membership a weekly

newsletter to keep everyone informed about

how the Co-op is handling these changes.

What’s staying the same as last week;


Our opening hours are the same as always;


  • 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday      

  • 9am – 6pm Saturday/ Sunday/ Bank Holidays

All new measures are still in place;

  • Use hand sanitiser when entering
  • Maintain 2 metres distance whenever possible
  • 8am – 10am is reserved for vulnerable shoppers
  • Use floor markers to distance yourself at the tills
  • The staff continue to use extra hygiene measures
  • We are only using tills 1 and 3 to allow staff to social distance

Deliveries to self-isolating and vulnerable members continue. If you fall into these categories
email info@dublinfood.coop with your shopping list, name, phone number and address.

What’s changed this week;

  • There is now a 4 customer limit at all times
  • Volunteer numbers have been reduced to facilitate shoppers
  • We have a map of the shop at the Co-op and online
  • Space recommendation is 2 metres when possible, 1 metre minimum
  • We are testing a new online click and collect system

Use this map to help you plan your shopping 

We have reduced the numbers of regular volunteers to allow more space for customers to shop
while maintaining a safe distance. Our volunteers have always been an integral part of the Co-op
and continue to be just that. Some volunteers are helping us in other ways like doing deliveries instead
of helping us stock and clean the shop.

To help us keep things running as smoothly as we can we have hired extra staff (most of whom are
experienced volunteers). Their efforts during this busy period are invaluable and we are grateful for their extra help.

As we mentioned last week we are developing our online shopping options to help members deal with the current restrictions. One of those options is the redevelopment of our Click & Collect, now being redesigned to allow customers
to buy a range of items from the shop. As you can imagine this is a huge logistical challenge that we are keen to get
your feedback on in order to make it work.

If you would like to help us by testing this new system please email info@dublinfood.coop
with the subject line: Click & Collect Testing – [insert name].

The Weeks Ahead

Right now every day brings new changes for us all. Everyone is aware
of how difficult this time of restrictions has made our lives for the time being.

But it has also demonstrated the strength of our community, members’ investment in their Co-op
and the support and solidarity they are prepared to extend to their fellow members – be it providing
deliveries or respecting each other in the shop.

On behalf of the whole Co-op community we want to extend a special note of thanks to all our staff
for their work this week. This has been a challenging time for everyone who works at the Co-op and our staff
are going above and beyond every day to provide us with quality organic food, and kind and thoughtful service.
We consider the Co-op lucky to have every one of them.

We will be sending out another update next week, and in the meantime,
eat well and stay safe.

In Solidarity,
All at Dublin Food Co-op

Help The Co-op Checklist

  1. If you are feeling unwell please stay home, we can deliver your shopping
  2. Use email to contact the Co-op
  3. Use social distancing at all times

Thank You