Our Co-operative mission

Our core mission is to provide our members and non-members with the best organic options available in Dublin. The Dublin Food Co-operative is owned by the members and it is run by a democratic process to make sure that everyone has a voice. The Dublin Food Co-operative provides food sovereignty to its members.

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The Dublin Food Co-operative is owned by the individual members that have been supporting it since 1983. We are still an open membership co-operative, we invite anyone that would like to participate in ethical and conscious consumerism to join us.

What makes a Co-operative great?

The people within a co-operative are what makes a co-operative great. Trying to run a co-operative has its challenges, especially if that group is over 500 individuals. However, the rewards are great, the co-operative has more purchasing power and therefore can offer better discounts to the members who support the ethical and conscious buying in bulk.

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