The Co-op now opens at 9.30am instead of 8am to facilitate a new option to help you speed up
your shopping – Email & Collect. This temporary service is designed for people who are not vulnerable
or self-isolating but feel the need to minimise their time in the shop. Email & Collect allows
members to pre-order their shopping for collection at the Co-op.

If you are well and not in a vulnerable
category we ask you
to continue to shop in the usual way.


How does this change things?

  1. From Wednesday April 1st  WE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT 9.30AM.
  2. Instead of shopping in person you can now order through EMAIL & COLLECT.


Our new schedule looks like this;


  • 9.30AM shop opens
  • 9.30AM – 10.30AM reserved for elderly & vulnerable shoppers
  • 10.30AM – 7PM for all shoppers



  • 9AM – 6PM for all shoppers


How Email & Collect works

We are working towards taking orders directly through our website in the form of a Click & Collect service.
You will be able to select shop items, zero waste items and fresh produce boxes from our webshop.
This is currently in testing.


In the meantime we are using Email & Collect. This is how it works;


  1. Place your order by emailing your shopping list to by 7PM any night between Sunday and Thursday
  2. The next morning your order will be processed and packed
  3. You will get a phone call when the order is packed to give payment  
  4. You then come collect your order that day
  5. Go to the shop door (staying outside), let the nearest staff member
    know your name and that you’re 
    here for your Click & Collect order
  6. They will bring it out to you, and you’re done!


While we are offering this new service we are the same shop with the same resources.
We have increased the amount we order and suspended bulk ordering for members to
allow us to keep our shelves stocked. When using Email & Collect please order the
same amount as you would usually buy in the shop. Each order can only buy a maximum
number of 3 of any item. Bulk buying will not be facilitated through Email & Collect. 


Testing this new system

Our aim by providing Email & Collect is to help customers who are neither self-isolating nor
vulnerable, but feel the need to reduce their time spent in the shop to do their Co-op shopping.
If you are well and not in a vulnerable category we ask you to continue to shop in the usual way.
At the moment we recognise that this takes more planning and time than we’re all used to.

We ask you to not to take up our offers of delivery or Email & Collect unless
you need them.
 This helps us to ensure we can provide them for those shoppers
who would otherwise find getting
their shopping difficult or even impossible.


We’ve made this important change to our morning schedule to give our staff time to put together our
Email & Collect orders every morning. We apologise for any disruption this causes to our customers.
We ask you to respect that even though there will be staff in the shop before 9.30AM
they cannot serve you until the designated time.

The shop will open to customers at 9.30AM for the foreseeable future. 
We ask that you also
bear in mind that 9.30AM to 10.30AM is now reserved for elderly and vulnerable customers. 

Email & Collect orders need to be placed by 7PM Sunday through to Thursday nights for
collection the
following day. Collections will be possible on Mondays through to Fridays.
Orders placed on Friday evening will be made ready for collection on Monday.

This is a step in a new direction for us at the Co-op so we ask for your patience with us as we work out
any problems with this new system. We ask that you be prepared to collect your order the day after
you place it. It may be necessary to collect the day after that if we experience a surge in demand. 

Please note collection is not available on Saturday and Sunday mornings due to the high volume of customers
who shop at the weekend. 


Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we continue to find ways
to serve our customers and members in the safest and most efficient ways possible.
You can see our up to date COVID-19 Guidelines here.

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