Sam Toland currently serves as our Co-operative Secretary.

We are delighted to publish our Annual Report for the year ending
31st December 2019.

In addition to a comprehensive overview of our activities in 2019, this year, we
have placed even more emphasis on providing detailed updates on our progress
in 2020, given the major impact that COVID-19 has had on our Co-op community.

Please find a copy of the Annual Report at the end of this
blog post for you to read online or download.

Annual General Meeting

As discussed in previous blog posts, the Co-ordinating Body has until now taken the
decision to delay our AGM as it continues to keep the situation regarding the holding
of large events under review.

At their July meeting, the Co-ordinating Body decided that given the current state of
affairs and weighing up the risks, that it was irresponsible to hold an in-person meeting
this year if such a meeting could be facilitated online.

After considering our own particular case, the Co-ordinating Body resolved that
the Annual General Meeting for the year ending 31st December would be held in
an online format.

The government has since published the general scheme of proposed emergency
legislation which will provide greater clarity to co-operatives wishing to hold an
online AGM, which is much welcomed.

Therefore the current position is that we have begun making preparations for holding
our AGM online and will call the meeting itself once the emergency legislation is enacted.

Should the legislation be delayed, we will likely proceed without it.

*NOTE: The government have enacted the legislation referenced above, and removed all ambiguity in relation to the holding of our AGM online.

Ensuring member participation

There was overwhelming support for an online AGM in the survey we ran with members,
but we also understand the risks and concerns that some members may have around
participating in an online meeting.

We will be spending a great deal of effort ensuring that the facilitation is appropriate for
the medium, that the technology we choose is accessible and that we mitigate the
other risks associated with holding a meeting such as this online.

Any questions?

We wish to thank members for their continued patience this year, and we hope that
the Annual Report provides good reading while we wait to finalise the date for the AGM.

Please remember that you can email me at secretary(at) should you
have questions in relation to the above, or to the governance of our Co-op in general.